Product description

The textile horizontal fire protection curtain for ceiling openings is used as an alternative way to close the atrium from the spread of fire and smoke during a fire. The curtain is closed by the fire alarm signal. A horizontals curtain can be used in place of fire-rated glazing or non bearing walls, thereby creating open plan areas. The system can be installed directly on the embrasure or under the ceiling, completely hidden to the viewer.


Construction type
Fire curtain vertical
Fire resistance E120
Standard EN13501-2
Curtain thickness 0,4 mm
Curtain weight 440 g/m2
Unwinding speed of the curtain 0,06-0,18 m/s
Power consumption Up to 500 Wt
Supply voltage 230 V
Curtain frame colour any Ral

    Application field:

  • Atrium
  • Lobbies and Receptions
  • Compartmentation and Stairs


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